Monday, December 15, 2014

Do you know what today is?

Today is a Monday, and that means it's time to do something new.

Mondays get a lot of guff, much of it entirely reasonable guff; going back to work or starting a new week can often be difficult, especially if you're looking at another week of 'more of the same' of whatever it was that had you looking so longingly towards Friday last week. Mondays are when things seem to loom before you, when the work seems grindy and the leisure time seems very, very far away.

But Mondays are also a chance to shake things up; to plan the rest of the week and break everything down and divide and conquer. They're the strategy day, the day when you find out what happened last week while everyone was racing for Friday. Mondays are when stuff gets planned (and if you're doing your planning on Sundays, shame on you and more importantly shame on your boss, because it's hurting your productivity if you're working on weekends). Mondays are when teams can assess their load and distribution. Monday is the pre-flight checklist day of the week. Don't really expect to get anything done on Monday. Maybe you push the release that was doing automated testing over the weekend, or maybe there's a hotfix that you can push for something that dropped on Friday, but really, Monday is planning-and-strategy day. Mondays are the day when you get geared up for the rest of the week.

Monday is your Plan. Monday is for something new. Look forward to Monday.

You should now feel free to throw your coffee mugs at me.