Saturday, August 28, 2010

So much for my "once a day" rule

I really am trying to get better at this, though.

Managed to get sick on Thursday night, and felt even worse on Friday, so I took the day off work. This ended up being a great idea, since I slept most of Friday away, only getting up to take Cheryl to her walk-to-the-coast event, then coming right back home and going back to sleep.

This morning I ran to Walgreens to grab some Hall's coughdrops and Canada Dry ginger ale (so much for my "no HFCS" plan) because my throat was KILLING me and my stomach was upset enough that I was having trouble even thinking about food. I'm feeling a little better now, so I'm having ramen soup and water for dinner, in the hopes that my sore throat will die down overnight and I'll be able to at least swallow tomorrow.

I think I've got the opportunity to make real headway on my project at work, and while I hate that I've lost a day's productivity, I think I can make it up and make everyone happy with me despite being out sick. There's SO MUCH riding on this project and my boss has said that it's time to be "more arrogant" about my capabilities. He thinks I'm underselling my talents. I think he might be right. Guess we'll see this next week or so.


Love Life: I don't think I mentioned this anywhere officially, though I posted on my LJ about it -- Cheryl and I got divorced. The worst part of it was telling my parents, but I'm glad we waited until they came out here to visit. They could see that she and I are still friends, and still love each other, but we can't be married any longer. The only bad part about it is that she's managed to move on a LOT faster than I was. Oh, well, them's the breaks. Anyway -- no progress. Moving on...

Current Video Game: Dragon Age: Origins. Completed ME2 and had fun with it, so I've come back to replay DA:O and WOW is there a lot of DLC for this game. Anyway, I've just started up with a Mage this time, so I guess we'll see how it works out.

Currently Watching: Just finished the Ken Burns documentary on Jefferson. It made me intensely aware of how much I hate the Tea Party right now. As I said to a group of people at work, I may be the only Republican on earth right now who thinks my taxes are too LOW.

Current Music: Lots of Decembrists and 80s hair bands. No, I don't know why those two are going together. Blame my brain. And random shuffle.

Current Book: The Essentials of Oracle Database Administration -- the online documentation. And OMLG is it awful - obtuse, boring, dry, obfuscatory, unhelpful, and utterly devoid of entertainment. I'm ACHING for an in-joke or something to make me want to read it.