Monday, August 16, 2010

I swear I'm going to start posting here more often...

...I just need to find a good 3rd-party interface, and maybe an iPhone app so I can blog when I'm thinking of it.

July's big "fix the outside of my house" drive didn't really happen, but I did manage to get some stuff done by the simple expedient of encouraging my ex-wife to do whatever she wanted to it. So the front yard is starting to be manageable, and I've closed off the driveway in preparation for resurfacing it, as well as getting ready to open the "tomato bed" area. Still haven't done anything about the back yard, but I have a feeling that without a capital infusion it's going to remain as it is now until I have some serious time off.

I bought a ceiling fan, but it's still "in process" as far as installation goes. It turns out the ceiling mount has to be redone so the fan doesn't fall off, which is involving several trips into the attic... which it turns out is a BAD place to be during the hottest days of summer. I was up there for about 15 minutes and it was ~120F, and I nearly passed out. I'm hoping later this week when it cools off outside that I'll be able to get up there without dying and finish the razzin-frazzin' rebuild of the mount, complete with leveling shims to make sure the fan doesn't shake itself loose and destroy my living room.

The house itself is an absolute disaster area -- I haven't done any cleaning at all since my housewarming party, and the only thing that's saving it from being totally disgusting is that I won't leave food or trash around. No, just the random detritus of various projects that are all half-done. I seriously need to get myself organized and spend some time cleaning up the place. It's not that big, so it wouldn't take very long; I could probably deep-clean the whole house in 4 hours. It's just been so hot that I'm completely unmotivated to make it happen. Saturday is supposed to be nice and cool; I may just take the day and hammer away at everything.

Love life: abject failure so far. The less said about it the better.
Current Video Game: Mass Effect (still), with some Forza Motorsport 3. Waiting for the next couple of games from Gamefly. Also, finished single-player campaign on Starcraft II: still bad at RTS.
Current TV: Leverage and Eureka. Without a broadcast TV connection, I'm not really watching anything else.
Current Music: Strangely, I have "American Woman" stuck in my head. For no apparent reason, since I haven't heard it in ages.
Current Book: Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, by John Scalzi. Good stuff.