Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An amazing difference sleep makes

Today was much, much better; incredibly productive at work, and relaxing at home, at least after I got the STUPID STUPID IRS paperwork completed. I have no idea why they took two and a half months to let me know that I need to submit a form, but whatever.

Anyway, some perspective helps to make things better, or at least more surmountable.

Didn't get any cleaning done, but that's fine; I've got a plan for Saturday for a full-house clean.

Love Life: The less said the better.
Current Video Game: still Mass Effect. At the endgame, ready to finish up and then move onto ME2.
Currently Watching: WIthout a Clue, starring Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine.
Current Music: Nothing.
Current Book: Actually, nothing. I'm really between books at this point.