Saturday, August 28, 2010

So much for my "once a day" rule

I really am trying to get better at this, though.

Managed to get sick on Thursday night, and felt even worse on Friday, so I took the day off work. This ended up being a great idea, since I slept most of Friday away, only getting up to take Cheryl to her walk-to-the-coast event, then coming right back home and going back to sleep.

This morning I ran to Walgreens to grab some Hall's coughdrops and Canada Dry ginger ale (so much for my "no HFCS" plan) because my throat was KILLING me and my stomach was upset enough that I was having trouble even thinking about food. I'm feeling a little better now, so I'm having ramen soup and water for dinner, in the hopes that my sore throat will die down overnight and I'll be able to at least swallow tomorrow.

I think I've got the opportunity to make real headway on my project at work, and while I hate that I've lost a day's productivity, I think I can make it up and make everyone happy with me despite being out sick. There's SO MUCH riding on this project and my boss has said that it's time to be "more arrogant" about my capabilities. He thinks I'm underselling my talents. I think he might be right. Guess we'll see this next week or so.


Love Life: I don't think I mentioned this anywhere officially, though I posted on my LJ about it -- Cheryl and I got divorced. The worst part of it was telling my parents, but I'm glad we waited until they came out here to visit. They could see that she and I are still friends, and still love each other, but we can't be married any longer. The only bad part about it is that she's managed to move on a LOT faster than I was. Oh, well, them's the breaks. Anyway -- no progress. Moving on...

Current Video Game: Dragon Age: Origins. Completed ME2 and had fun with it, so I've come back to replay DA:O and WOW is there a lot of DLC for this game. Anyway, I've just started up with a Mage this time, so I guess we'll see how it works out.

Currently Watching: Just finished the Ken Burns documentary on Jefferson. It made me intensely aware of how much I hate the Tea Party right now. As I said to a group of people at work, I may be the only Republican on earth right now who thinks my taxes are too LOW.

Current Music: Lots of Decembrists and 80s hair bands. No, I don't know why those two are going together. Blame my brain. And random shuffle.

Current Book: The Essentials of Oracle Database Administration -- the online documentation. And OMLG is it awful - obtuse, boring, dry, obfuscatory, unhelpful, and utterly devoid of entertainment. I'm ACHING for an in-joke or something to make me want to read it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

...and I deleted my whole post. Crap.

Yeah, I'm not retyping that.

Love Life: Why do I even have this on here?
Current Video Game:ME1 done. Next up, ME2.
Currently Watching: Rissoli and Isles. It really annoys me that a show about two strong, intelligent, driven career women can't pass the Bechdel Test.
Current Music: Nothing.
Current Book: Actually, nothing. I'm really between books at this point.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An amazing difference sleep makes

Today was much, much better; incredibly productive at work, and relaxing at home, at least after I got the STUPID STUPID IRS paperwork completed. I have no idea why they took two and a half months to let me know that I need to submit a form, but whatever.

Anyway, some perspective helps to make things better, or at least more surmountable.

Didn't get any cleaning done, but that's fine; I've got a plan for Saturday for a full-house clean.

Love Life: The less said the better.
Current Video Game: still Mass Effect. At the endgame, ready to finish up and then move onto ME2.
Currently Watching: WIthout a Clue, starring Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine.
Current Music: Nothing.
Current Book: Actually, nothing. I'm really between books at this point.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I was apparently pretty tired.

Came home from work today completely overwhelmed with the amount of project work looming at me. I don't even want to talk about how over my head I am at this point. Ran to Home Despot for a couple of small things, then came home and fell asleep for five hours. I'm up now, but thinking about going back to sleep. Hopefully I can do that and not completely screw up my sleep pattern.

Still waiting on the weather to break so I can get my fan installed. Looking at attic fans, and the prices I've been seeing are still about what I remember -- for a solar-powered fan the right size to install in the space I have, it's about $250. Which I don't really have.

Oh, speaking of money, I got a packet of papers from the IRS telling me that I have to resubmit the paperwork to get my tax credit check. So I'm doing that Saturday at the latest, but it would've been nice if they had communicated that sometime before this week. Well, at least it's not a situation where I owe them money. Again.

Love Life: Still not king.
Current Video Game: still Mass Effect. Haven't played any today (slept all day). May play for a couple of hours before going back to sleep.
Current TV: None.
Current Music: Jem, 24. Thanks, Pandora -- that's just about perfect for my mood right now.
Current Book: Actually, nothing. I'm really between books at this point.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I swear I'm going to start posting here more often...

...I just need to find a good 3rd-party interface, and maybe an iPhone app so I can blog when I'm thinking of it.

July's big "fix the outside of my house" drive didn't really happen, but I did manage to get some stuff done by the simple expedient of encouraging my ex-wife to do whatever she wanted to it. So the front yard is starting to be manageable, and I've closed off the driveway in preparation for resurfacing it, as well as getting ready to open the "tomato bed" area. Still haven't done anything about the back yard, but I have a feeling that without a capital infusion it's going to remain as it is now until I have some serious time off.

I bought a ceiling fan, but it's still "in process" as far as installation goes. It turns out the ceiling mount has to be redone so the fan doesn't fall off, which is involving several trips into the attic... which it turns out is a BAD place to be during the hottest days of summer. I was up there for about 15 minutes and it was ~120F, and I nearly passed out. I'm hoping later this week when it cools off outside that I'll be able to get up there without dying and finish the razzin-frazzin' rebuild of the mount, complete with leveling shims to make sure the fan doesn't shake itself loose and destroy my living room.

The house itself is an absolute disaster area -- I haven't done any cleaning at all since my housewarming party, and the only thing that's saving it from being totally disgusting is that I won't leave food or trash around. No, just the random detritus of various projects that are all half-done. I seriously need to get myself organized and spend some time cleaning up the place. It's not that big, so it wouldn't take very long; I could probably deep-clean the whole house in 4 hours. It's just been so hot that I'm completely unmotivated to make it happen. Saturday is supposed to be nice and cool; I may just take the day and hammer away at everything.

Love life: abject failure so far. The less said about it the better.
Current Video Game: Mass Effect (still), with some Forza Motorsport 3. Waiting for the next couple of games from Gamefly. Also, finished single-player campaign on Starcraft II: still bad at RTS.
Current TV: Leverage and Eureka. Without a broadcast TV connection, I'm not really watching anything else.
Current Music: Strangely, I have "American Woman" stuck in my head. For no apparent reason, since I haven't heard it in ages.
Current Book: Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, by John Scalzi. Good stuff.